Thursday, November 19, 2009

yeah! today was my last radiation treatment. it feels so good to be done. i go for a follow up in a month to make sure my skin is healing the way it should. on dec. 2nd i get my cathter removed and after that just follow up visits with my various doctors. thanks you so much to all of you who watched my kids, brought us food and kept us covered in prayer. we will forever be grateful. i love you all, jennifer

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

good morning. things are going pretty well. i am getting tired of going to treatment every day, but i only have 9 more to go. i met with my primary oncologist, dr abubakr, on monday and he was pleased with my progress. we made an appointment to have my catheter removed on dec. 2. my skin is a little itchy, but not to bad. thank you emily, kathy d. and carol for helping out this week with elisabeth. she so enjoys the visits. thanks for all your prayers, jennifer

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

treatment is still going well. my incision has closed up and i will be starting accu-boost on friday. elisabeth and i finished our "kids against cancer" meetings last nite and it was a little sad. our group hopes to get together occasionally to see how everyone is doing. thank you emily, joanne and connie for taking care of elisabeth. thanks in advance tina for watching her tomorrow. i really appreciate it and she loves it. i think i have about 3 more weeks of radiation, then the big stuff is over. looking forward to that. thanks for all your prayers, jennifer

Friday, October 9, 2009

finished my 2nd week of radiation and so , so good. i was a little tired but i think it was more due to a cold than the treatment. tomorrow is the making strides walk at the beach. i'm looking forward to it. thanks to everyone who donated and those that are coming to walk with me. thanks too to you ladies that stayed with elisabeth this week, emily, joanne, connie and tina. you are all a blessing to me and my family. my incision has pretty much stopped draining (finally!) and i just keep a band-aid on it. my prayer request is that i continue to rejoice in what god has done for me through all this. sometimes when i listen to others who may not have such a good prognosis or who are having a harder time, i feel as if i have no business being positive about any of this. i know it is the enemy trying to steal god's glory and i do try to keep it lifted in prayer but if you all could keep that in your prayers, it would really help. thanks, jennifer

Monday, October 5, 2009

i went to rad. today and after waiting for an hour with some patients, they sent us home with no treatment. the machine had shut down. i was told this could happen occasionally. the equipment is very sensitive and shuts down if it detects the slightest problem. hopefully i can get going again tomorrow. they said it should be ready in the morning but to call before i come. not much else to report. hope has a cold that i think she shared with us, that's about the only thing she is good at sharing! :) i feel like i have a lot to keep up with so i try to write all my appointments down, even those that happen every week. i did meet with my surgeon today. my incision is still draining a little. he said it is doing fine though and looks good. thanks to emily who watched elisabeth today while i went and sat the radiation office. it was a big help knowing she was having fun with abby and jacob. elisabeth and i reall enjoyed the "kids against cancer" meeting last week and are ;looking forward to going again tomorrow night. love you all, jennifer

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i have had 2 doses of radiation. no side effects yet. those probably won't start until next week, maybe the week after. elisabeth and i went to something called "kids together against cancer" tonite. it was put together by a social worker at my rad office and a social worker from st. vincents. we have dinner and then kids go in a group with a volunteer and we adults go to another area and work on a craft and discuss our feelings. then we get back together and talk to the kids about what they did. it was fun. we have 3 more to do. i am looking forward to them. my incision is still draining a little. i keep thinking it's done, but it still does enough that i have to keep it bandaged. there is part of my radiation treatment called accu-boost that i can't do until this heals so please continue to pray about that. thanks so much, jennifer

Saturday, September 26, 2009

we had a blast in orlando for elisabeth's 6th b-day. then it was time to get back to real life. i went to my rad. office on friday for a "dry run" of what will actually be happening when i start on monday. it's pretty simple. i just lay down with my arm over my head for about 12-15 min. and the machine slowly rotates around me. last nite mom and i went to a survivors party at the beach. it was fun and made me realize i really should get into a support group. i feel good emotionally, but it was nice to be with others who have gone through all this. please pray for my treatments. they start mon. and go for 6 1/2 weeks. thanks to all of you on board for staying with the girls. it is a real relief to not have to worry about that. love, jennifer